Brokers Wanted

Yacht Brokers Wanted For 2020

In 2008 Knot 10 Yacht Sales created a unique brokerage concept where our focus remains attracting sellers looking to sell via a brokerage. We have grown into the largest brokerage outside of the Florida market in dollars and the volume of units closed. We also created a system where our brokers earn more by using an approach that pays a higher % per sale along with a system that puts more money into selling our 350+ listings. By being keenly focused on marketing our services to sellers we create more listings for our brokers and if you have the boats you will have the sales…….

We have built a company we are fiercely proud of. If you feel you have the desire to think different, work hard and be part of something exciting you are who we want with us for the future. Don’t sit around and let 2020 be another year where you drag yourself into a sleepy brokerage or boat sales job that does not excite you and that you know is going to be a struggle. Put your energy and talent to use in a system that we know produces results and let us show you why our brokers who hustle and have a desire to grow the business as their own are supported and flourish.

Don’t let those mired in the past perpetuate myths about our success. We are seeking energetic youthful minded experienced brokers who want a six-figure income doing what they love & supported by a powerful brand behind you.

Myth 1:

You can’t make money charging 7%

Truth: That’s probably the weakest statement possible. 7% of $5 million is a lot more than 10% of $2 million as a broker. 7% of $40 million is far more than 10% of $5 million as a brokerage. If you sell every boat at 10% you are the exception and won’t be reading this anyway. Another Truth: Calculate your actual net commissions as very few brokerages average higher than 6% on total sales. Discounting to make a deal, co-brokerage and in house traditional deals split 50/50, etc. We actually average close to 7% on all sales due to having more of our own inventory to sell and high minimum commissions. We are doing just fine charging 7% thank you.

Myth 2:

They have a lot of brokers

Truth: We always have a lot of listings and a lot of sales and judged against a few other top brokerages our boats sold per broker are far higher. Some boast about having 125 brokers and 600 annual closings yet we have 22 brokers and 350+ annual closings. Our average broker represents 24+ boats, which results in much higher average broker income. Seven years ago we created a unique team compensation system (think Re/Max) that has allowed us to add the best talent while propelling inventory and income across the entire operation. We also created a way of compensating our in house sales of our listings differently that increased the selling of Knot 10's inventory and puts more money in your pocket.

Myth 3:

Other brokers won’t co-broker for 7% split

Truth: Your right and it’s why we have never charged just 7% on co-brokerage deals. We charge sellers 9% paying 5% out to the selling broker. That just so happens to be the same as 50/50 on a 10% deal. The brokerages that sell boats and represent their buyer’s interest co-broker with us frequently and we are happy to work with any to represent our seller’s interest. Those who don’t want to co-broker for 5% are mired in the past and have not slowed us down, they just passed up opportunity to do right by their buyer.

Other things we do differently:

If you would like to know more feel free to reach out to me directly and in strict confidence. I will get back to you and look forward to hearing why you think you would like to be a part of our future. If emailing please include a brief summary of your brokerage experience and the geographic area you would like to work from.


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